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Are You Asking Your Sales Managers to be Sherpas?

For decades, sales leaders have compared reaching plan to the act of summiting a mountain. Each year is a long journey, requiring preparation, hard work, discipline, and teamwork to reach the goal, just as is required to summit Mount Everest. There are just under 1,000 attempts to summit Everest each year and only 50% actually […]

Three Revelations on the Journey to Manager Effectiveness

Do you believe that the effectiveness of your frontline managers is the key to taking your sales organization’s performance to the next level? More and more, companies are coming to this conclusion. I’m not going to bore you with the data from the recent CSO Insights report: Sales Managers Overwhelmed and Underwhelmed (which you should […]

Why Seller Motivation Needs a Makeover

By some estimates today there are more than 10 million sales people in the world, also known as professional persuaders. Today, the sales organization exists to organize and drive those sellers toward the actions needed to transact revenue, leading to the creation of what has been described as a coin-operated, compliance-driven culture. In my guest […]

Marc Benioff’s Secret for Every One of Your Sales Reps

Marc Benioff pioneered an industry, built Salesforce.com into a $50B company, and plays host to Dreamforce – the biggest Mardi Gras style party for cloud computing in the world. So when the world descends on San Francisco for one week each September, Marc gets on stage to deliver a three-hour keynote…and always does it flawlessly. […]

Is Your Sales Team Practicing 6.5 Times?

Build a Sales Practice Environment Rehearsing makes sales conversations far more effective, yet few sales reps ever get the chance to do it. Here’s how to use the latest principles in social learning technology to make them want to learn. Practice Payoff Malcolm Gladwell famously wrote about “The 10,000 Rule,” which states that it takes […]