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25% of Your Qualified Opportunities are Wasted by Poor Sales Calls

Activate Your Sales Managers To Start Converting More Qualified Opportunities Into Revenue. Tweet this: Qualified opportunities are the lifeblood of your company’s existence. The dirty secret of most sales organizations is that many qualified opportunities are wasted by sales organizations that are relying on ad hoc management processes. Sales leaders in these organizations are living […]


A Common Sense Guide to Recording Sales Calls

With this common sense approach, recording sales calls doesn’t have to be a legal drama. When recording sales calls, it is always a good idea to tell the person on the other line that the call is being recorded. This is not just for legal reasons, it’s also about building (or maintaining) trust and rapport. […]

Unlocking a Sales Professional’s Potential by Improving Frontline Sales Manager Effectiveness – Part 2

Developing Frontline Sales Manager Effectiveness: Coaches Need Coaching, Too In Part 1 of this “reflection,” I was trying to better understand the pain points of a dissatisfied customer, and I realized that our initial solution — a video practice platform designed to get sellers to watch an “example” of what good looks like, practice, and […]

Learning Cycles and Certify to Fly for Sales Kickoff

In Part 1, I reviewed the idea of efficiency vs. efficacy in sales training, and many of the situations that challenging rep performance and ability. In Part 2, I covered the idea of the Learning Cycles approach to sales training, and Certify to Fly – a model for ensuring learning sticks before, during, and after […]

Learning Cycles: A Structure for Sales Training

Bringing structure to your sales training improves seller efficacy In a follow-up to Part 1 – a profile of efficiency vs. efficacy in sales training – we suggested a framework to help bring structure to sales training. Here, I’ll share that framework, and answer a key question: “how do you make sales training stick?” Given […]

Efficiency vs Efficacy in Sales Training

Among the many casualties of the financial crisis of 2008, the economy suffered a loss of jobs. “Do more with less” became the unfortunate mandate from senior management. And you know what? We did. Across the next few years, we experienced what many call the “jobless recovery,” where most of the jobs lost were never […]

The Last Mile:

Why Bad Training Can Break a Good Organization Centuries of sales training and billions of dollars of research have failed to answer one crucial question in sales: why do our attempts at getting our team to consistently engage prospects and customers with a great message ultimately fail? Marketing creates a great message and shares it […]